Formulation Philosophy

Beauty Through Science

Effective formulation

The key to any effective anti-aging product is to get the right ingredients, in the right concentration, to the right place in the skin.  Although this may sound simple, it is not...

We start this process with a careful selection of ingredients. Many of our ingredients are derived from nature and are "biomimetic" meaning they are modeled on molecules found in nature.  Next, they must be of small enough molecular size to actually be able to penetrate to the deepest layers of your skin where they are most effective. Finally, the ingredients must be in higher concentrations to be truly effective once applied to your skin.

No "pixie dust"

The term "pixie dusting" refers to companies that include nice sounding ingredients in their product just for marketing purposes. These companies also include effective ingredients but in ineffective trace amounts to save cost. skinBeautica never "pixie dusts"! Our ingredients are often in the industry's highest concentrations thus ensuring the best results.

No bad ingredients

All of our products are free from dangerous or questionable ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, and parafins. The safety and efficacy of our products is paramount to the development of all of our products.

FDA registered lab

Our laboratory is FDA registered, Cosmetic GMP compliant and ISO 22716 certified. This maintains and ensures the standards and issues necessary to produce and deliver the highest quality cosmetic products to our customers.

Priced competitively

Our goal is to produce products full of high-end ingredients but still priced within the reach of most consumers.  You won't see us advertising in costly national beauty magazines and infomercials.  We purposefully limit our exposure exclusively to medical offices.