Peptide-9 Remodeling Serum

A high concentration of 9 Peptides to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Firm and smooth the skin for healther complexion.

Net Weight:
1 oz / 30ml

Skin Type:

Peptide 9

“The most effective way to reduce wrinkles is to restore lost collagen”

Every day, your skin's collagen breaks down into fragments called "peptides". These peptides signal your skin cells to produce new collagen. By age 40, this process decreases by over 50%.

Peptide-9 Remodeling Serum™ recovers this loss by applying nine bio-identical peptides to your skin. These peptides signal your skin to produce more collagen naturally. The result is firm and smooth skin - features we associate with a vibrant, youthful look.

Peptide-9 Remodeling Serum™ has 9 Active Peptides for Clinically Proven Results

Laboratory results based on individual peptide tests

350% improvement in wrinkles over 84 days

63% maximum wrinkle reduction in 28 days

47% maximum reduction in wrinkle depth

Customer Submitted Before & After Photos:

Directions For Use:

Gently apply to clean face, specifically over wrinkles, twice daily or as directed by medical staff. Apply before other products.