Retinal 2.5 Renewal Cream

Finally! A new and improved version of the anti-aging “gold standard” Retinoic Acid (Retin-A®, tretinoin).

Retinal 2.5 Renewal Cream™ gives you great results without the irritation... and without a prescription!


Net Weight:
1 oz / 30ml

Skin Type:

“The most effective way to reduce wrinkles is to restore lost collagen”


Retinoic Acid effectively stimulates collagen and elastin cell growth but at the expense of often severe skin irritation. And while Retinol is much less irritating it is also much less effective.


Retinal (Retinaldehyde) has been clinically shown* to be as effective as Retinoic Acid in improving your skin but is non-irritating – a perfect combination!


Your skin must first convert Retinol into Retinal and then into Retinoic Acid in order to be effective - not very efficient. One study showed that only 2% of Retinol even penetrates the upper epidermis. Conversely, Retinal converts directly into Retinoic Acid allowing for a higher concentration to be delivered to the dermal level where it's needed to be effective.

Also great for pre-treatment use

One challenge of aging is that we don't heal as quickly as we used to. Retinal 2.5 addresses this by preparing your skin before receiving treatments. It regulates and normalizes your skin which enables it to heal more quickly. This results in minimizing your downtime and optimizing your results.

Clinical tests have shown that Retinal enhances the results of skin care treatments such as laser procedures, chemical peels, etc.

Directions For Use:

Gently apply to clean face each evening or as directed by medical staff. Wait 15 minutes before applying serums or moisturizers. Avoid use while pregnant, prior to becoming pregnant, or breastfeeding.