Peptide-9 Starter Kit™

Start your path to youthful looking skin!

If you are looking to try out our bestselling Peptide-9 Remodeling Serum™, there is no better way than with our new Peptide-9 Starter Kit™. In addition to Peptide-9 Remodeling Serum™, the Starter Kit also includes our Gentle Skin Cleanser and Radiance H.A. Hydrating Cream™ for a great combination of cleansing, hydrating, and rejuvenating.

3.3 fl oz Gentle Skin Cleanser
1.8 fl oz Radiance H.A. Hydrating Cream™
.57 fl oz Peptide-9 Remodeling Serum™

Skin Type:
Sensitive / Normal Skin


Gentle Skin Cleanser removes dirt and impurities, sebum buildup, and residual makeup. Good for all skin types. Also gentle enough for post-treatment use.


Radiance H.A. Hydrating Cream™ uses sodium hyaluronate; the salt (sodium) version of hyaluronic acid. It shares it’s amazing moisture retaining characteristics but absorbs more deeply and can hold up to 1000 times its weight of water.



Peptide-9 Remodeling Serum™ recovers lost collagen by applying nine bio-identical peptides that signal your skin to produce more collagen naturally. The result is firm and smooth skin - features we associate with a vibrant, youthful look.

Directions For Use:

1. Cleanse entire face with skinBeautica’s Gentle Skin Cleanser.


2. Dab Peptide-9 Remodeling Serum™ onto wrinkle trouble spots such as crow’s feet and/or under eye area and gently rub in. You may notice a slight odor of the bioactive peptides. This dissipates quickly as it is absorbed into the skin.


3. You may use a damp cloth after five minutes to remove any residual stickiness. You may then apply other products if desired.


4. Apply skinBeautica’s Radiance H.A. Hydrating Cream™ to your whole face. Afterwards you may apply makeup if desired.